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World Access Communications also provides hotels and resorts located in the Caribbean with low cost international calling services. If your hotel is utilizing local carriers such as Flow, Lime, Cable & Wireless, Digicel or BTC for international calls made from from your business landlines or cellphones we can reduce these costs by over 40 % monthly.

For your business landlines :

We provide a web-based international calling service that allows each of your hotel employees to make low cost international calls directly from their existing direct phone number !

There are no set up costs, no monthly fees, no equipment and no software to install !

Our international calling services do not interfere with anything that you currently have in place with your local provider – we simply provide an alternative way to make a much lower cost international call.

For your business cellphones :

If you are dialing direct to call the USA,Canada, or any other other country in the world from your Digicel, Lime, Flow or with any local cellular provider in the Caribbean we can reduce your international calling costs by over 40 % monthly.

Our Hotel Communications services require :

• No contracts, no set up fees, & nothing to install !

** Please email sales@WorldAccessCommunications.com for a cost savings analysis of your current international calling costs **




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