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Toll Free Services Drive the Hotels Industry

Toll free numbers are critical for the hotel industry, driving sales. Many airlines, hotels, cruises and travel agencies market with toll free numbers. Toll free numbers offer their customers a convenient way to reach them, free of charge. International travelers…

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800 Forwarding ?

Toll free forwarding, which is the same as call forwarding or call divert, allows businesses to activate toll free numbers abroad and route calls made to those numbers to another device. Toll free forwarding is a simple concept that can…

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800 Call Forwarding ?

Toll Free forwarding is a feature that lets calls made to one number be forwarded to another number. For example, you might have a business number (1-855-BOLTS ) that forwards to your cell phone number. That way, when anyone calls…

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How Local Numbers Help Your Business

Although we frequently talk about the benefits of international toll free numbers, local phone numbers can also help your business. Did you know that you can use local numbers internationally? In this article, we’re going to discuss how local numbers…

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