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Why Utilize SIP Trunking from World Access Communications ?

World Access Communications cost-effective SIP Trunking services allow your business to connect your existing PBX equipment to the cloud. You’ll only pay for the lines that you need. Since your international calls are routed through the cloud, you can save up to 80% on your existing international calling costs.

Reduce International Calling Costs

Significantly reduce your international calling costs by implementing outbound SIP trunking. Don’t let your local provider continue to overcharge your business for international calls !

Keep Your Existing PBX

Instantly connect your existing PBX to the cloud. Utilize the features of your IP PBX and save drastically on your international calling costs !

Instant Scalability

SIP trunking offers the freedom to scale up or scale down services. It frees your enterprise from investing on infrastructure for future needs. SIP allows you to setup what your enterprise needs for today and scale it up as and when you need it.

Increased Reliability

SIP trunking is a very stable and reliable application in comparison to the legacy telephone systems. Even in the event of circuit and power outages, SIP trunks can be re-routed to other mobiles, offices or virtually anywhere depending on the business requirements thereby allowing uninterrupted services round the clock.

Rapid ROI

SIP trunks offer a significant return on your investments. By adopting SIP trunking, businesses can maximize Internet bandwidth by simply adding voice traffic to the existing service. There is no need of heavy capital expenditure to migrate to SIP trunking and given the fact that it maintains all the features of a local PBX is an added advantage.

Maximize Bandwidth Usage

Utilize voice and data on the same network by making the most of your bandwidth.

How SIP Trunks Work

SIP trunking is the virtual version of an analog phone line. SIP Trunking connects your existing PBX to the cloud, allowing your business to make and receive calls over your IP network. SIP trunks replace analog phone connections and allow your calls to be terminated over the internet.

If you have an on-premise PBX in your office, World Access Communications via SIP Trunking can connect to you and allow your business to make very low cost outbound calls on your existing system, without restrictions on the number of concurrent calls.

What is the major benefit ? Your business will save up to 80% on international calling costs while unifying your communications.

Sip Trunking - World Access Communications - 800 call forwarding & 800 international forwarding

SIP Trunking is a great option for businesses that are looking for a cost-effective way to transition from a traditional PBX phone system to IP. Virtually any business can enjoy the benefits of SIP including:

Cost Savings – Enjoy the cost savings of converging your local and long distance onto a single circuit with dynamic bandwidth allocation.

Time Savings – Dedicated and knowledgeable Bandwidth technicians, installation teams and customer support specialists assure rapid deployment.

A Simplified Network – Experience the efficiency of managing a single network connection, receiving one bill and engaging one point of contact for all your telecom needs.

Seamless Integration – Preserve your existing capabilities via seamless integration with your existing SIP IP PBX system.

A Better Way to Grow – When you grow, adding more SIP Trunks is easy, and happens in days, not weeks. SIP Trunks can be installed and turned up remotely so you do not have any downtime.

How Much Can World Access Communications Save your Business with SIP Trunk Solutions ?

Please Contact a World Access Communications SIP Trunking Specialist today to receive a free cost savings analysis.