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How Local Numbers Help Your Business

Although we frequently talk about the benefits of international toll free numbers, local phone numbers can also help your business. Did you know that you can use local numbers internationally? In this article, we’re going to discuss how local numbers can help your business.

With the rise of international toll free numbers, many people seem to forget about local phone numbers. If you have a global company, local phone numbers can actually help you appeal locally to your customers.

Businesses all around the world still rely on local phones numbers to connect with their customers. Local phone numbers have the ability to be forwarded just like toll free forwarding. You can purchase a local number from anywhere in the world, and send calls directly to your landline, mobile, or SIP phone, anywhere in the world. In fact, this has been a strategic move for many businesses looking to appeal to smaller, more targeted, local markets.

Local Phone Numbers Appeal Locally
Local phone numbers are great for both international and small businesses. A company doing in business in South Africa and in the United States will need two, very different approaches. This is where a local phone number comes into play.

Small businesses can rely on local phone numbers to increase sales opportunities, too. Because some markets and countries respond better to a local approach, local phone numbers help to show your customer that their market is important to you. Local phone numbers are also great for if you only want to focus on particular cities or provinces.

Local Phone Numbers Come With Features
Just like with toll free numbers, local phone numbers come with great features not offered by traditional telephone providers. From auto attendant to call recording, these additional features can help improve efficiency and customer relations.

Managing your calls with a user interface will also give your customer service representatives a more organized and structured way of handling and maintaining all calls.

Use Local Numbers to Expand Your Business
Having a local number can help your business expand to new markets and open the door to new business opportunities. After all, customers prefer doing business with companies that are local. This is often the deciding factor for a potential customer choosing your products and/or services over a competitor’s.

Local phone numbers are great for businesses owners and customers. Studies show that people are more inclined to call a local number. These numbers are familiar to us, not to mention free to call. Local phone numbers provide a sense of familiarity, and people acknowledge them as their own.