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800 Call Forwarding ?

Toll Free forwarding is a feature that lets calls made to one number be forwarded to another number. For example, you might have a business number (1-855-BOLTS ) that forwards to your cell phone number. That way, when anyone calls your business line, you can answer it from your cell phone instead of buying a new phone system that you don’t need.

How is Toll Free Forwarding Used in Business?

Entrepreneurs, startup founders, and small business owners all enjoy the benefits of call forwarding. Here are some of the ways they commonly use it:

Replace one cell phone or multiple cell phones with a professional sounding business line, complete with a main greeting.

Use one business line that forwards to multiple cell phones or landlines. Use one business line that forwards to a voicemail or informational extension so that employees don’t have to answer every call.

Create numbers in area codes different from their own. For example, if they do business in New York but live in Florida.

Use call forwarding to track specific marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Toll Free Forwarding

Here are 5 important benefits to consider:

Availability – You and your staff can always be available to customers, at any time of the day.

Global Connectivity – You can easily be reached whether you step away from your desk or fly across the world.

Never Miss a Call – Calls can be diverted to another employee when you are unavailable.

Share Information – Customized on-hold commercial allows you to share vital information and pitch to potential customers while they wait.

Fully Customizable – Options allow you to screen the call before deciding if you want to take it or send to voicemail.
This feature helps businesses small and large. Whether you have employees spread across the country or you just want to field calls after hours, World Access Communications call forwarding ensures that everyone can stay in touch.

How to Set Up Toll Free Forwarding

Choose a toll free number, record a personal greeting to introduce your company or hotel, add extensions if needed.

Once you add your extension, you can activate call forwarding. You’ll see a button to “Add a forwarding number.” Just type in the number you want calls forwarded to. You can add up to six forwarding numbers per extension.

Now you can decide how World Access Communications should announce calls to this number and when to forward and not to forward to it. If you add more than one forwarding number, you can designate the order to call them and how long to keep trying if you don’t pick up.

Once you’re all set up, you can choose the on-hold music your callers will hear from World Access Communications library or record your own commercial.