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Toll Free Services Drive the Hotels Industry

Toll free numbers are critical for the hotel industry, driving sales. Many airlines, hotels, cruises and travel agencies market with toll free numbers. Toll free numbers offer their customers a convenient way to reach them, free of charge. International travelers have more options that ever, so make it easy for them to book their travel plans with a toll free number.

Toll Free Numbers Drive the Travel Industry

Hoteliers, airlines, cruise lines, and tour operators alike have learned that the best way to cater to a global audience is to set up an international toll free number in countries where prospective customers live. Customers looking to travel are often less hesitant to dial a familiar toll free number format. Although many customers will shop by web form or web chat, a large number of travelers want to make special arrangements or ask questions that can best be handled in a short phone call.

Inbound calls convert at rates nearly 10 times higher than landing page clicks. So, if you are doing business in the travel industry and want to maximize revenue, it is important to implement a toll free number for your business. Giving prospects the options to contact you directly builds trust, encourages engagement, and reduces abandonment. Adding a toll free number is the quickest way for interested customers to reach your company at the moment when their interest is highest.

Marketing Your Toll Free Number

It is essential to include your toll free number on your website, social channels and marketing efforts. Many business use online engagement through click-to-call, which gives customers the option to talk to a live representative and have their question answered. According to google click-through rates increase an average of 8% by adding a phone number. Click-to-call is one of the most used features on the mobile search engine results page.

Call Tracking with Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers can serve as a marketing tool by helping businesses track integral analytics data. Using a specific toll free number for an individual marketing campaign will help you pinpoint the strategies that are most efficient in order to generate the best results for your business. This will allow you to acknowledge what is working, as well as use the ongoing feedback to make adjustments to your message. Call tracking can also be utilized to see previous key words, landing pages and ads that potential customers clicked on before making an outgoing call.

Customer Service

Customers expect to reach customer service with a toll free call. While it is important to implement customer engagement through digital interactions, travel industry companies should not ignore inbound calls as an excellent business strategy. Businesses can build trust in a number of ways, but when the customer’s needs are met with a pleasant representative, they are more likely to call back for additional products or services. By providing customer service with a toll free number, you can enhance the image of a successful and dependable business.
Not only does it show the customer that you are accessible, but that you will go the extra step to have open communication that extends coast to coast. One additional benefit of toll free numbers for the travel industry is that it gives your agents a chance to up-sell customers on additional services or enroll them in a loyalty program or mailing list.

Summary – Toll Free Numbers Driving Travel Business Sales

Toll free numbers offer a great competitive advantage for businesses in the travel industry. Responsible tourists make a concerted effort to connect with travel industries to book their destination and to make travel arrangements. You can make it simple for your potential customers to connect with you, by providing a reliable toll free number for sales, and another for service.